Grass-Fed Meats and Cheese
From Maine


Oaklands Farm produces pasture-raised beef and lamb on certified-organic grassland in central Maine that has been in the Gardiner family for over 250 years. We take good care of our animals from birth to the delivery of the meat to our customers. We produce organically the food our animals eat, and give them a good life which is why their meat is delicious and healthy for you. We also produce delicious cheese made from Jersey milk. 

Products that you can order online include: a variety box of beef or lamb, a box of hamburger, a leg of lamb, and 2-lb or 6-lb wheels of Roxanne cheese.  You may also order variety meats such as short ribs, liver, heart, soup bones and dog bones, or contact us directly to arrange special orders of larger quantities of beef or lamb. See details at the link below.

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