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   We are currently shipping lamb boxes anywhere in Maine, only and you may also contact us to arrange pick-up at the farm.

You may contact us to arrange pick-up at the farm for Legs of Lamb.

Pasture Raised Lamb Box

$105.00 each


The lamb box contains 6 one-pound packages of a combination of ground lamb and stew meat plus a rack (approximately 6 chops).

The photo shown displays two chops cut from a rack of lamb.

Further descriptions of Oaklands Farm lamb

Rack of lamb: This is the most highly sought after cut of the lamb. Tender and lean, the rack lends itself to higher heat cooking and accepts a large range of flavors for enhancement. Marinated and coated with Dijon mustard and fresh herbs mixed with breadcrumbs is my favorite preparation.

Lamb chops: These are individual slices of the lamb rack.  Their thin cut allows for a quick and satisfying dinner.

Ground lamb: A lean and flavorful alternative to beef, ground lamb is the original filling for shepherds pie, kebabs, kofta. Try lamb burgers on the grill for your next barbecue.

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